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Aerosol monitoring and effects on climate / air quality
Aerosols in the atmosphere play an important role on both climate and air quality. Aerosol measurements from different sensors and modeling are important as their effect on earth-atmosphere balance on a global scale is still quite uncertain, while they have effects on a number of other areas (air quality and health, atmospheric processes, solar energy etc).
The webinar is co-organized by the University of Patras & EO4GEO Alliance in collaboration with PMOD/WRC in the frame of MAPP project. The participants are expected to be students (final year BSc, MSc and PhD) as well as early post-doctoral researchers with interest on aerosol observations, technologies, impacts and applications.


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Dr. Martin Gysel Beer
Aerosol in situ measurements @Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
Dr. Vassilis Amiridis
Aerosol profiling using lidar sensors @Aerosol profiling using lidar sensors
Dr. Stelios Kazadzis
Aerosol profiling using lidar sensors @PMOD World Radiation Center, Switzerland
Dr. Julian Grobner
Metrology of Aerosol Optical Properties @PMOD World Radiation Center, Switzerland
Prof. Oleg Dubovik
Aerosol measurement- modelling synergies @Univ. of Lille, France
Dr. Sara Bassart
Introduction to sand and dust storms @World Meteorological Organization
Dr. Thomas Popp
Satellite based aerosol retrievals @Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Germany
Prof. Athanasios Nenes
Aerosol chemical composition and effects @Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland
Dr. Nicolas Bellouin
Aerosol Effects on Climate @Un. of Reading, UK